CNN wins Christmas on Cable News Twitter (12/25/14)

With the schedules almost completely disrupted by Christmas, there’s not a lot of activity to report on for Thursday.  And, with the shows that were on often being taped “specials”, there wasn’t a lot of engagement. So, for Christmas, 2014 CNN won “best hour” with a comically low number of mentions and best day with a very low number of mentions as well…

Raw Data: 2014-12-25-ShowStats.csv and 2014-12-25 Schedule.csv

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MSNBC, Hannity win Cable News Twitter for 12/24/14

The Cable News Schedules were a bit of a mess on Christmas eve, with a variety of programs being replaced by pre-recorded content or the normal hosts away and guest hosts filling in.  For that reason, the stats for the day are fairly questionable.

That being said, MSNBC’s Live (just general news programming) had the most mentions during an hour and Hannity had the most mentions during the day as a whole.

Raw data for the day: 2014-12-24-ShowStats.csv

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