ISIS Dominates A Quieter News Day on Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cable News Trending Topics for 2014-08-30

ISIS continued to be the top topic in Cable News Twitter on Saturday.  It was not as dominant as before, however, suggesting that the news is quieting down for the moment. I would be happy to see ISIS recede as a topic were it not for 9/11 being less than two weeks away.  Is the quiet a real trend? Or are the next 10 days just that point in time when the tide pulls way out right before the tsunami hits?

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Another Strong Saturday for Cashin’ In on Fox News: Cable News Twitter Ratings for Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cashin’ In won Saturday, taking both best hour (with a half-hour show) and best day overall.  The Melissa Harris-Perry Show did respectably well in the same time-slot, getting about 2/3rds as many mentions (albeit taking the full hour to do so).

It’s impressive to see both shows doing so well on a holiday weekend ….

Have a fun and safe Labor Day, everyone!

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