Van Susteren, Hannity win Cable News Twitter on Tuesday, 12/23/14

As we slip into Christmas, a lot of shows have guest hosts, which makes a mess out of computing the ratings for the shows.  So take these numbers with a grain of salt…

Van Susteren had the best hour overall, while Sean Hannity had the best day.  Following Greta was Chris Hayes, Morning Joe, O’Reilly (with Eric Bolling as guest host), and Hannity.

Raw data: 2014-12-23-ShowStats.csv

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Guess who talks about Al Sharpton a lot?

One thing I’ve noticed lately is that conservatives love to talk about The Reverend Al Sharpton.  After a while, it started to amaze me, mostly because I don’t particularly view him as relevant.  It’s no different when liberals obsess about Sarah Palin, to be fair. She’s not particularly relevant to any actual politics. I guess everybody needs a bogeyman.

I finally decided to find out how much people tweeting about the various cable news networks mention Al.  For the month of December, through the end of 12/23, here are the counts:

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That’s right: Fox News tweeple talk about Al Sharpton more than MSNBC’s tweeps.  I guess they just can’t quit Al.