Introducing HootSchedule — A Utility for Creating HootSuite Batch Files

I use HootSuite to manage my various social media accounts, and one of the killer features it offers is the ability to schedule batch updates.  But it’s not so easy to generate the CSV file necessary and, if you have a set of messages you want to repeat, you have to do a lot of work to create unique versions of each one so you don’t end up with your batch rejected for duplicate messages.

I wrote a simple utility to help create and manage the generation of HootSuite batch files, including introducing random permutations into each message so you can repeat your points without repeating your text.

You can find out more information on the HootSchedule page of this website!

Ed Schultz settles in nicely on MSNBC weekends

Back in March it was announced that Ed Schultz’s MSNBC show would move to the weekends, and almost immediately he was disappeared1 from the airwaves to be replaced by Chris Hayes’s All In show.  But something odd happened — his weekend reboot didn’t happen, and the timing of it became murkier and murkier.  Many of us wondered if there was going to be a re-launch at all.  But May 11th saw his return to TV at the 5pm weekend time slot.

The long absence led a lot of us to wonder: Would Ed’s audience return to him now? How would that time slot work? 

Good news: it looks like Ed is back in his groove and, judging by his Twitter engagement, he’s audience is with him.

A year of @EdShow

A year of @EdShow

The chart shows discussion of The Ed Show on Twitter over the past year, and you can see that the past two weekends have hit levels on a par with Ed’s engagement during the  span of his daily weekday show.

Even more interesting, if you compare Ed to the two other weekend “point of view”shows (MHP Show and Up with Steve Kornacki), you can see that he’s getting the roughly same engagement out of a one hour show that they are each getting out of two hour shows:

Buzz for MSNBC Weekend Shows

Buzz for MSNBC Weekend Shows

Glad to see Ed’s gotten back to work!

1: Strange gramatical form to imply the work of an unknown force…