Twitter Shows Why Ed Schultz is Moving Back to Weekday Primetime


Yesterday, MSNBC announced that they were moving Ed Schultz’s The Ed Show back from its weekend exile to the 5pm weekday slot.  The announcement took a lot of people by surprise, although the motivation for it has been known for a long time: the show that took Ed’s old 8pm M-F slot has been struggling in the ratings. MSNBC had made a classic media move — replacing an older anchor with a fresh face — but this time it didn’t work out as planned.

Fortunately for Ed, his fans moved with him to his weekend slots.  Almost immediately he was more popular on Twitter than the other MSNBC weekend shows.  That fan base is who’s carrying Ed back to primetime.

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Does Walmart pay its employees better than left wing magazine “The Nation”?

An email landed in my email box today:

Walmart pays workers 80% more than its liberal critic

Oh, SNAP1! That sounds really bad.  Damn liberal hypocrites!  A click through to the underlying web site reveals this headline with more details:

Walmart still pays its average associate in N.Y. 80% more than The Nation will be paying its interns.

Hmmm, not quite as bad, but still bad sounding.

The web site goes on to quote an article in The Daily Beast entitled Walmart Calls Out The Nation for Its Low-Wage Internship Program.  That article comments on an email sent out by Walmart that chastises The Nation magazine for only now beginning to pay its interns minimum wage (instead of a previous $150 stipend).  The Daily Beast article goes on to state that Walmart employees average much higher wages (pointing out an average of $12.53 in Alabama) and get access to health benefits. So “The Nation” is a hypocritical left-wing double-standard holder who demands high wages from Walmart while paying the absolute minimum itself? Let’s look to the evidence presented to support their case.

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