Upgrading WordPress to PHP 7 and broken permalinks

I recently upgraded this server from PHP 5 and Debian 7 “Wheezy”  to PHP 7 and Debian 9″Stretch”, and everything seemed fine.  Except that all my permalinks stopped working.  I’m running Apache (2) as my web server, and it had been working fine with PHP 5, so at first I assumed it was something with PHP 7.  There were some places where my config files needed to be updated for PHP 7, but that wasn’t the problem.

Turns out that in apache2.conf there was a configuration that read:

<Directory /home/www>
 Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
 AllowOverride None
 Require all granted

That needed to be changed to:

<Directory /home/www>
 Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
 AllowOverride All
 Require all granted

And after restarting apache2, it all worked (bolding just to show the change).

Cable News Aggregate Data for July, 2014

If you are interested in stats for Cable News shows, the following CSV files contain mention counts for each of the news shows on the major networks.

First, the counts by Network, Show, Date, and Hour.  Not all hours are present for all shows: tweetsByNetShowHour201407

Next, the counts by Network, Show, and Date.  This is just an aggregation of the above data: tweetsByShowDay201407

Finally, just the counts by Network and Show: tweetsByShow201407

Let me know if you do anything fun with these!

Introducing HootSchedule — A Utility for Creating HootSuite Batch Files

I use HootSuite to manage my various social media accounts, and one of the killer features it offers is the ability to schedule batch updates.  But it’s not so easy to generate the CSV file necessary and, if you have a set of messages you want to repeat, you have to do a lot of work to create unique versions of each one so you don’t end up with your batch rejected for duplicate messages.

I wrote a simple utility to help create and manage the generation of HootSuite batch files, including introducing random permutations into each message so you can repeat your points without repeating your text.

You can find out more information on the HootSchedule page of this website!

#UniteBlue continues strong on Twitter

As I’ve written before, one of the interesting things to have happened on Twitter is the #UniteBlue website and its ability to amplify the voices of liberals.  By encouraging people of a like political mind to follow each other, it allows its members to gain in Twitter stature (or, Klout, if you must).

It’s hard to measure the impact its had (just because of the sheer number of members), but it is interesting to see how the conversation about #UniteBlue is doing on Twitter:

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

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Don’t like the election results? Have a Mulligan!

As the last votes from election 2012 trickle in, people on both sides of the political divide have moved on from their initial reactions to the election towards planning for the future.  But the questions of could-have should-have still linger in many people’s minds: could a change in effort or focus have switched the results?

To answer that, it’s good to know how close the election really was.  We all know how many votes separate the two candidates, but apart from finding 3.5 million more declared, dedicated Romney voters, what would have changed the outcome?  There’s a lot of what-ifs that people will play in their mind, and most are impossible to quantify.  But one set of what-ifs are fairly easy to model: what if the demographics of the electorate had changed?

For example, what if the african-american vote had been lower? With enough fewer votes, Romney would have won:

Click on picture to enlarge

About 4 million fewer african-american voters, and Romney could have won.

Want to play with the demographics yourself? You can!  Just visit my Election Mulligan web page:


You can test such things as changing the male/female balance in the votes, adding in more rich voters or removing poor voters, seeing what happens if more latinos vote, or reducing the youth vote.  See what it takes to put Romney in the White House (if that’s your goal) or see how really hard it would have been for Romney’s Get-Out-The-Vote efforts to overcome Obama’s impressive campaign (if you like what happened)!

It’s fun, fast, and easy,  And you may be surprised how hard it would be to change the election.

The data for this app is based upon election results updated to 11/21 and exit polls conducted at the time of the election.  Note that exit polls are subject to error, and the results of this app are purely hypothetical.