Obama Gets a Huge Boost from Jimmy Fallon – Week in Review

On Tuesday night, 4/24/2012. President Barack Obama went on the Jimmy Fallon show, and produced the best ratings in years for Fallon and a big spike in twitter mentions:

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We can see the next day Twitter was abuzz.  There’s been criticism of the President from the conservative side of things about the appearance, but it’s clear as a political move it was shrewd.  We’ll see in next week’s analysis whether Saturday’s appearance at the White House Correspondent’s dinner will have the sam effect.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, got a bit of a boost from his primary victories on Tuesday, but it was no where near what the President saw.  Romney really needs to push harder on Social Media if he’s going to be competitive in the fall.  Fortunately, he has plenty of time to work on it…