Jeff Atwater Running for US Senate in Florida? Twitter is Showing Early Interest in Him!

There’s twin stories that are being pushed through the media lately.  The first is that Connie Mack isn’t gaining traction in his bid to be the GOP nominee, and the second is that Florida state CFO Jeff Atwater is going to jump in the race because of that.  But as I’ve previously discussed, Connie Mack isn’t fading in twitter mentions, indicating stronger grass roots support.

The primary indicator we use to measure Twitter support is mentions: how many twitter users tweet (or re-tweet) something that includes the person-in-question’s name, hashtag, or user id.

So how has Twitter reacted since news of Atwater’s possible run surfaced?

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A pretty good spike on Monday — when the story broke —  but it started to fall off on Tuesday.  Connie Mack IV gets around 60 mentions a day, so Atwater is in the running on Twitter as long as he can keep the activity up.

And he does seem to be tweeting more frequently:

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To run for Senate, though he would need to up his level of Twitter activity quite a bit; at the moment, he’s in the doldrums…

I’ll put him in with the other three candidates in my periodic reviews unless/until he  drops out of the race so we can see how he’s tracking on Twitter in the future.