#UniteBlue continues strong on Twitter

As I’ve written before, one of the interesting things to have happened on Twitter is the #UniteBlue website and its ability to amplify the voices of liberals.  By encouraging people of a like political mind to follow each other, it allows its members to gain in Twitter stature (or, Klout, if you must).

It’s hard to measure the impact its had (just because of the sheer number of members), but it is interesting to see how the conversation about #UniteBlue is doing on Twitter:

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As you can see, interest in and conversation about Unite Blue is continuing strong.  This is a metric of mentions of the account, @UniteBlue, and the hashtag, #uniteblue, and so only measures one narrow aspect of Unite Blue’s impact on Twitter.

Like all topics on Twitter, individual tweets can be pro or con — this is just a metric of the level of conversation.  A statistically valid sampling of tweets about Unite Blue (so far) this month, though, shows that about 82% of them are in keeping with the politics of Unite Blue, so the level of “trollness” on the hashtag is significant but small.