Cable News Twitter Ratings for Thursday, May 22, 2014 — Blackfish circles the tank

Blackfish wins.  Not just best show, but most popular topic for the day.

Come on, CNN, why not just run the damn thing 24/7?.  You’ll save a lot of money.  It’s not like you’re planning on staying a news organization much longer.  You’ve turned Headline News into HLN, which I assume is short for Harpy Legal News.  You’re not sure whether you want to free your fish with Blackfish or fry them up with Bourdain.  And, apparently, the only news worth covering is either outrage or disaster.  My god, you lost Ali Veshi to Al Jazeera!  Al Jazeera! What’s next? Fareed Zakaria moves over to Comedy Central? (To be fair to Comedy Central, they do cover the news with more depth, so this could be a great idea).

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Cable News Twitter Ratings for Monday, March 31, 2014 – Colbert, Maddow, Smerconish

Between having a notorious tweet last week and having Twitter founder Biz Stone on Monday, it’s no surprise that The Colbert Report had the best engagement during its broadcast of any cable news show yesterday.

Apart from Colbert, the Rachel Maddow Show did surprisingly well compared to the normal levels of engagement it receives.

Michael Smerconish’s debut on CNN didn’t generate huge Twitter engagement, but given how poorly the show is promoted, I guess that’s not surprising.  What I don’t understand is how cable networks, with huge operating budgets, can fail to do the simple things like build a landing page for a show (even if it’s only on for a week) and not promote the show in social media (no hashtags, now show accounts, no thing).  It’s just so sloppy. And CNN wonders why they are lagging in the ratings (absent a missing plane): it’s because they don’t do the foundational work necessary to be successful.  

Sharpen your saws, CNN.

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The Ed Show and Anderson Cooper are top shows in the Cable News Twitter Rations for January 6, 2014

The Ed Show manages to bring in the best hour, but Anderson Cooper managed to win the day — a rare, but not unknown win for him.  Dennis Rodman was the most popular topic on Cable News Twitter, while #OccupyHamburg is a very rare intrusion of foreign events into the US centric Cable News Twitter…

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Melissa Harris-Perry drives Twitter Buzz in Cable News – Twitter Ratings for January 4, 2014

With the both the right wing and conventional blogosphere on the attack against Melissa Harris-Perry about last week’s commentary about Mitt Romney’s Christmas card, it’s no surprise that her show got the most mentions on Twitter during the show and during the day as a whole.  Mentions during the show ran about 3 times normal, while mentions during the day as were about 5 times normal.  So far, Sunday looks to be a bit slower as she rotates out of the news, but the buzz has continued pretty much unabated since she made those comments a week ago.

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