Rubio starts to fade as Hillary stays strong in Cable News Twitter, 4/14/15

Cable News Trending Topics for 2015-04-14

Rubio-Whobio? Talk on Cable News Twitter on Tuesday was all about Hillary by a margin of better than 2:1. Even #BringBackOurGirls beat Rubio by 2:1.

NB: This applies only to tweets that mention a cable news show or network, and does not necessarily reflect the overall discussion on Twitter.  Although it probably does…

Raw data: 2015-04-14-TagStats.csv and 2015-04-14-WordStats.csv

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Clinton beats Rubio for Top Topic in Cable News Twitter on Monday, 4/13/15

Cable News Trending Topics for 2015-04-13

Hillary Clinton out-trended Marco Rubio on Cable News Twitter yesterday, with the overhang of Hillary’s Sunday announcement casting shade on Rubio’s.

In the larger world (all Twitter), Clinton has had the most impressive announcement bump, while Rubio’s has been the weakest:

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Raw data: 2015-04-13-TagStats.csv and 2015-04-13-WordStats.csv

Spreadsheet source: 2015-04-13 Twitter Bumps.xlsx

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