How’s The Ed Show Is Doing Upon Its Return To Weekdays?

MSNBC’s The Ed Show has had a rough year.  

On March 13th, Ed Schultz announced that his show was moving to weekends; his time slot would be given to Chris Hayes. Ed abruptly left the air the next day after his show. Then, for several weeks, there was no news at all. Many of us wondered if Ed was off the air for good, with nobody wanting to say so.  Finally, nearly 2 months later, Ed returned to the air on May 11 to begin his weekend run.  He was given the 5pm slot, a time traditionally filled by the “Mr. Hyde” portion of MSNBC’s split personality (the news shows playing the role of Dr. Jekyll).

It seemed Ed was destined to remain on the weekends, but once again MSNBC spun the wheel, and Ed returned to the weekdays, this time at 5pm, with his first show on August 26.  With the proviso that it’s only been a few weeks in the new slot, and that the labor day weekend happened right in the middle of his return so far, let’s take a look at how Ed’s been doing.

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