War on Caterpillars? Is the RNC in Wonderland?

There you are, working as the social media manager at a construction equipment manufacturer, and suddenly your name shows up all over the place on Twitter:

Caterpillar becomes a more popular term on Twitter

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Backhoe explode? Bad lawsuit?

Nope, the head of the Republican National Committee has compared women to caterpillars and presumably not the ones that run on diesel…

Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland

Sure, start a war on caterpillars because they smoke? That’s not very Republican…

Since not many caterpillars are on twitter, I think it’s safe to say that there’s a building anger among women (and gentlemen of honor) at the remark.

Both caterpillars and women can be forgiven for thinking they’ve landed in a bad republican wonderland. ¬†Hmmmm … Santorum as the red queen? ¬†Romney as the march hare? He does seem a bit like that, you’d have to admit.