Weekend Tweetdown: #WarOnWomen vs. #250gas

The use of hash tags in twitter is a way of indicating a the topic of the tweet.  They are informal, and come into existence and then disappear at the whim of the users.

Two hashtags that were active this weekend were #waronwomen, to protest the attempts to put controls on contraception, abortion, and other women’s issues, and #250gas, which is New Gingrich’s hash tag for his promise to lower the price of gas to $2.50.

So how’d they do? Let’s see an hour-by-hour (EDT) breakdown over the weekend:

For the most part, the #waronwomen was ahead of #250gas.  But, at two points during the weekend, New Gingrich took to twitter to ask his supporters to retweet #250gas.  That caused the two spikes you see at Saturday at 2pm (hour 14) and Sunday at 7pm (hour 19).

At the end of the weekend, the Tweetdown score is #WarOnWomen, 4816 tweets, #250gas, 4237 tweets.

The #WarOnWomen wins the battle over #250gas!

Rick Santorum’s Tweet Volume Explodes From Primary Wins

Watching the volume of tweets about each of the three GOP candidates yesterday (Ron Paul didn’t really expend an effort), it’s fun to see how Rick Santorum’s tweet volume exploded as it became clear he won Alabama and Mississippi:

He had been running slightly better than Mitt all day and then boom, at the end of the day, tweets about him took off!  Poor Newt is stuck in third on twitter, even if he came in second in the polls…