A Surge in Twitter Activity Gives Global Citizen Festival a Sweep of Cable News Twitter on 9/27/2014

MSNBC’s live telecast of the Global Citizen Festival swept the day on Saturday, winning both the best hour and best day in Cable News Twitter.  Fox News’ Cashin’ In came in second (normally it is first) for best hour and best day. When you look at the charts for the day, you can see how dominant the festival was:

2014-09-27 Shows

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It will be interesting to see how well the Nielsen ratings match this burst in Twitter activity.

It’s also no surprise that the festival and its performers dominated the topics in Cable News Twitter as well.

Raw daily show stats (CSV file): 2014-09-27-ShowStats

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One Direction and The Daily Show dominate Cable News Twitter on Friday, 9/26/2014

Cable News Trending Topics for 2014-09-26

Yesterday, we learned that if you piss off One Direction fans you’re going to hear about it. The Daily Show ran a skit that said a new terrorist supergroup was forming that would include a member of One Direction, and their fans were not happy.  The hashtag #thedailyshowgonetoofar was used a lot.  Over 200K times as of this writing.  The stats below only pick up the use of this hashtag when a screen name or hashtag of The Daily Show was also included.  But trust me, it was all over twitter.

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Click to enlarge.  N.B., Chart does not capture full wrath of 1D fans

You can see the segment in question at the beginning of this clip.

Other than The Daily Show, ISIS seems to be the hot topic on Friday.

Top 100 words used (CSV data): 2014-09-26-WordStats
Top 100 hashtags used (CSV data): 2014-09-26-TagStats

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Kelly, CNNi, One Direction Win Cable News Twitter on Friday, 9/26/2014

The Kelly File won the best hour, followed by The Ed Show, Hannity, Maddow, and The Five.  CNN International had the best day, followed by Hannity, Kelly, The Five, and Real Time w/ Bill Maher.

Except for one thing.  More on that in a moment…  First, the normal news …

2014-09-26 Shows

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When you look at the chart, you can see that The Kelly File is in a tier by itself, followed by a second tier of The Ed Show, Hannity, and Rachael Maddow.  After that, it’s a fairly continuous decline as you go lower int he rankings.

The one thing? More like one direction.  The Daily Show ran a skit where they mentioned that a new terrorist group was being formed by various terrorist superstars including a member of One Direction.  That pissed off the fans, who started using the hashtag #thedailyshowgonetoofar.  If I had counted that too, the Daily Show would have “won” Friday hands down.  At the time of this writing (about noon ET on Saturday), there have been over 200K tweets with that hashtag, more than all the “normal” tweets about Cable News yesterday across all networks.

I remember back when Piers Morgan was still on CNN he’d generate occasional 1D news, and the results would be massive.  So, come on, who’s going to get with the direction?

Raw Show Stats (CSV download): 2014-09-26-ShowStats

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Thursday’s Cable News Twitter Winners: The Kelly File & Hannity

Thursday was a normal day of The Kelly File winning best hour and Hannity winning best day.

Top 30 Shows for 9/25

Top 30 Shows for 9/25

The top five for best hour were Kelly, Hannity, Ed Show, Daily Show, and Hayes.  The top five for best day were Hannity, Kelly, Daily Show, The Five, and Hayes.  The shows with top “reach” (see footnotes) were New Day, CNNi, Kelly, Hannity, Out Front, and CNN Town Hall.

The most “male” show (with over 100 tweets) was Fox Friends First, with 86% male tweets. The most “female” show was Dr. Drew, with 75% female mentions.

Raw CSV data for the day: 2014-09-25-WordStats

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