Who Tweets About Cable News Shows? Age and Gender Metrics

There’s a lot of people tweeting about Cable News Shows — or, perhaps more precisely, tweeting at cable news shows about current events.  But who are these people?

First, from the perspective of gender, let’s see who tweets to various cable news networks:

Gender distribution on Twitter for Cable News Shows

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We can see that CNN and Fox News draw the most male audiences, while E! and HLN are the most female audiences on Twitter. (Comedy Central is represented by The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, both of which, even if comedic, are daily news shows).

How old are the people talking about the various networks?

Age distribution on Twitter for various Cable News Networks

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E! News has the youngest crowd (all tweeting about One Direction, I think), while Fox and MSNBC have virtually identical, older crowds — flip sides of the same coin, I guess.


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