Cable News Twitter Ratings for Friday, October 25 2013

A surprise win for The Kelly File in best-in-hour, which was driven by her coverage of Obamacare and its history that prompted comments and retweets of links to her video. Piers Morgan won best best-in-day, but only because I didn’t included the ongoing tweets for Stephen Colbert’s “#lordofthetweets” battle with Stephen Fry (as the Colbert Report doesn’t appear on Fridays).

Up Late with Alec Baldwin, in its second week, did fairly poorly in comparison with the rest of its MSNBC line-up.  There are  probably a couple of reasons for this, the biggest being that the show is not live and does not really drive social media engagement.  Real Time with Bill Maher did far better, even if it is on the pay-network HBO, but it encourages interaction on Twitter in the show.

 I’ll make the same disclaimer I did for Thursday: CNN’s Blackfish documentary got a tremendous amount of activity on Twitter, and if it were included in the list of cable news shows it would have won:

Top Shows for the day (counting Blackfish):

Category Mentions Show
Most Mentions During Hour 5505 CNN: Blackfish
Most Mentions During day 27088 CNN: Blackfish

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Cable News Twitter Ratings for October 24, 2013

The Colbert Report?

The Colbert Report?

Well, that’s a first.  Usually almost nobody tweets about the Colbert Report.  I know, it’s not really “news”, but since The Daily Show and the Report talk about news as well as, oh, the O’Reilly Factor, I included them in my list.  But I never expected them to win!

I was on a plane tonight and didn’t get home in time to see the show.  Looks like I have something to catch up on tomorrow!

10/25 Morning update:

It appears that there’s a #lordofthetweets battle between Stephen Colbert and Stephen Fry going around, with the following tweet at the root:


 That’s one way to get more mentions!

10/26/13 Update:

It occurs to me the that although I initially excluded the CNN documentary “Blackfish” (as it wasn’t a traditional kind of news show), it was worth including in the rankings nonetheless. With it included, the top shows for the day would be:

Top Shows for the day:

Category Mentions Show
Most Mentions During Hour 11826 CNN: Blackfish
Most Mentions During day 41970 CNN: Blackfish

Which is pretty amazing… 

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Cable News Twitter Ratings for October 23, 2013 — 3 Time’s a Charm for Hayes

All in with Chris Hayes was the 3peat winner of the best hour on Wednesday with 2038 mentions during the live broadcast, fueled by his grudge match showdown between icons Joan Walsh and Ezra Klein.  Ms. Walsh, by herself, had 4055 mentions during the day, almost as many as All In received throughout the day, while Mr. Klein received 3088.  And they were both mentioned in about 1600 tweets over the past few days…

The Ed Show, which is the usual best-in-hour winner, came in second with 1892 mentions during its broadcast, a very respectable number.  And as usual, Piers Morgan got the most mentions throughout the day …

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Cable News Twitter Ratings for Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Yesterday, I noted that Chris Hayes had won the Twitter ratings for Monday, and I see that his Nielsen ratings also showed a spike. Chris’ Twitter ratings for Tuesday were not quite as good (1668 vs. Monday’s 1769), but they were good enough to win best hour for the day.  It will be interesting to see if his Nielsen’s also hold up.

Monday’s Twitter ratings also showed that Hardball with Chris Matthews got more than twice the mentions of Greta, and that was reflected in his win in the time slot in the Nielsens.  It’s interesting that MSNBC viewers tweet much more than Fox News viewers, and so the Twitter ratings need to be graded on a curve to make comparison to actual TV viewers.

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Cable News Twitter Ratings for Monday, October 21, 2013

All In with Chris Hayes took down the pot on Monday with his best-in-hour win on Twitter, beating out perennial favorite Ed Schultz by a nose.. Piers Morgan’s worldwide fan base kept him in the best-in-day top spot.  And CNN managed to get the most tweets, people, and furthest reach of any network.  #ObamaCare managed to make it to the #2 spot in hashtags, right after Sean Hannity’s #lnyhbt tag.

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