Eric Bolling’s Hosting of The O’Reilly Factor Wins Cable News Twitter on Friday, 4/24/15

Eric Bolling was hosting the O’Reilly Factor on Friday, and so he naturally won the hour and day with the most mentions.  It’s interesting to see that his totals (at least for the hour) were lower than he typically gets for his Saturday morning show.  I imagine that’s a combination of the day and time (it is date night, after all!) and O’Reilly’s audience’s natural reluctance to use social media.

Amusingly, Bolling was also in second place with The Five, and in fourth place with the 11pm rerun of The Factor.  Morning Joe broke up Bolling’s hat trick by capturing third place during the 7am hour.

When I look for mentions for The Factor episodes that are hosted by Bolling, I look for mentions of O’Reilly, or Bolling, or the hashtag #WakeUpAmerica.  There’s always a reasonable question about whether the hashtag is appropriate and whether its inclusion skews the results.  For Friday, the total number of mentions (with any of the three) was 2974 during the show.  If you just take out #WakeUpAmerica, that number drops to 2607. It turns out that while #WakeUpAmerica adds a minor amount of extra mentions and removing it would have left The Factor still far ahead of the #2 show for the day.  So, the question is interesting but, for Friday at least, not relevant.

Raw data: 2015-04-24-ShowStats.csv

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