Did AC 360 consistently beat Piers Morgan?

This caught my eye in the wonderful Dylan Byers’ blog:

“For the two-and-a-half years that AC 360 served as the lead in to Piers Morgan’s program on CNN, it always delivered a higher rating than Piers’ program,” Rivers wrote. “And for the 7 months that Piers Morgan’s program led into AC 360, 360 always delivered a higher rating than Piers’ program. It is sad that Piers is trying to find a new job by misrepresenting how he performed in his old one.”

That’s pretty strong wording.  Always is absolute.  So is it true?  I took a trip through the past to look at a few random days’ 25-43 (“in the demo”) ratings to see if Piers always lost to Anderson.  Links are provided:

Wednesday November 13, 2013:

AC 360 @ 8pm: 214
Piers @ 9pm: 130
AC 360 @ 10pm: 115

Tuesday December 7, 2013:

AC 360 @ 8pm: 132
Piers @ 9pm: 108
AC 360 @ 10pm: 103

Wednesday March 5, 2014:

AC 360 @ 8pm: 119
Piers @ 9pm: 137
AC 360 @ 10pm: 155

Look, you can say that Piers, on general, got worse ratings than Anderson Cooper.  Or you can say that I just happen to pick a few days where Piers did better than AC360.  But you cannot say that Anderson Cooper always beat Piers.  Because it’s factually wrong.

Piers offered a qualitative judgement, which is arguable, but CNN offered a quantitative riposte which failed to check out.