Florida GOP US Senate Primary Tracking: So Long, George LeMieux Edition – 6/24/2012

Last week, George LeMieux announced he was exiting the GOP primary for US Senate in Florida.  Which, ironically, gave him his “best” week on Twitter:

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I’ve added Dave Weldon into the list starting 6/16; he’s not making much of a splash so far, but let’s see where he goes.

I was going to add Marielena Stuart in, but her Twitter strategy seems to be, well:

That’s one way to avoid a Twitter slip-up.

As we say good-bye to George, I thought it might be nice to recap some of his Twitter activity.

His most popular tweets (from the beginning of the year);

# Retweets Tweet
44 RT @JohnCornyn: France shows that there is a tipping point where desire for entitlements and dependency exceeds the aspiration for oppor …
25 RT if you agree it is time to retire @SenBillNelson & send a proven conservative to Washington to jumpstart our economy!
20 New president of France is calling for a top tax rate of 75%. America, see your future with 4 more years of Obama. #flsen #sayfie #tcot
14 Pres. Obama is raising the issue of marriage to deflect from the horrible economy and the weak recovery. #flsen #sayfie
13 Obama’s rejection of the Keystone pipeline is further evidence of this administration’s hostility to job creation. #flsen #sayfie
12 Washington is broken because career politicians put getting elected before doing what is right. #flsen #sayfie #sotu
11 Very honored to receive endorsement of @TheHermanCain in my bid to return to US Senate! #flsen #sayfie #tcot #teaparty
11 Very honored to receive endorsement of @TheHermanCain in my bid to return to US Senate! #flsen #sayfie #tcot #teaparty @adamsmithtimes
11 Jobs report disappoints. Unemployment ticks up to 8.2%. We need job creators in D.C., not career politicians. #sayfie #flsen
10 It has been 3 years since Democrat controlled Senate passed a budget. Reason enough to retire @SenBillNelson! #flsen #sayfie #tcot #deficit

Alas, the Hermanator didn’t do the trick. Here are the words most used in tweets that mention LeMieux:

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At this point, most pundits think it’s a two person race, with the GOP primary presumptively called for Mack.  If you’re of that mind, here’s a chart showing just Mack vs. Nelson in terms of Twitter mentions:

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Rather than doing absolute levels (which works better for three or more candidates), I’ve adopted a % of the total tweets mentioning either. As you can see, Connie Mack IV is getting more mentions on Twitter, but not immensely more.  Will Bill Nelson step up his activity now that he has an opponent?

Alas, GOP race now going into sleep mode until the August primary, there may not be a lot of excitement for next month and a half.