The Ups and Downs of Anti-Obama Hashtags

When the President said the private sector was doing fine1, it set off a storm of criticism from his political opponents.  And that storm spilled onto Twitter as well. These storms come like summer rain here in Florida: the sky clouds over, there’s lightning, thunder, and rain, and then the clouds part and the blue sky returns.

When you look at how two storms washed through Twitter — the #Julia infographic response and the #Doing[Just]Fine comment, we can see how brief these storms are:

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Typically, within a week virtually all the excitement is spent, and within two weeks it has drifted into the background.  On that schedule, by June 22nd the Doing Fine remark will be forgotten in favor the next excitement to come along.


  1. Seems like both candidates are starting to show wear already — Obama’s making gaffes while Romney is forgetting what doughnuts are called.  This is going to be a very long campaign for the two of them.