Marissa Alexander fades from view on Twitter

Marissa's Prison Photo

Florida’s stand-your-ground (SYG) law was under scrutiny this week as the Governor’s task force held its first meeting on Tuesday.

The prosecutor at the heart of two of the most visible SYG cases, Angela Corey, had an  interview published yesterday in which she talks a bit about the Marissa Alexander case.  As you recall, Alexander tried to assert a stand-your-ground defense in firing a warning shot, but was convicted nonetheless and sentenced to 20 years in prison.  There’s nothing new, really, in the interview, as Corey repeats what she’s said before about Alexander and declined to talk about her other high profile case, George Zimmerman.  For Angela Corey, the Alexander case is done and over with and there is no reason to reconsider its outcome.

While both cases have raised concerns about equal justice and racial equality and provoked a review of stand-your-ground, the path of the two cases in social media has diverged.  The Zimmerman case, because it continues to make news as it progresses through the courts, stays relatively active.  But Marissa Alexander is not making new news and is fast fading from view:

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There’s a rally planned for 6/24/2012 in Jacksonville, FL, that will perhaps buoy her back up into the spotlight.  You can find details here as well as general information about the effort to free Marissa.