On Twitter, Obama and Romney Agree on One Big Thing

Romney and Obama have been facing off against each other on Twitter for many months now as the GOP primaries have become irrelevant.  It’s interesting to see what each candidate talks about.

Let’s start with Obama:

First and foremost, Obama’s making the case for why he should be re-elected in about a third of his tweets (discussing  accomplishments,16% of tweets, and his vision, 19% of tweets).  He’s discussing what he has done for the people of the country and what he will continue to do in a second term.

About a quarter of his tweets are focused on trying to get people to participate in his campaign in some fashion, from something as quick as signing up on his web site to as serious as becoming a full time participant.  He’s looking to build a massive organization and is recruiting via social media.

Net net, Obama is spending his time and effort to explain to the people why he is the right choice in the election.

Now, let’s look at Romney’s tweets:

Quite different!  

The largest chunk of Romney’s tweets, over a third, have been to criticize the President.  Next is constant stream of “thank yous” to other politicians for endorsing him.

Interestingly, if you combine tweets about his accomplishments and his vision for the future, it adds up to just under 10%.

Thus, it is clear that Romney is spending his time and effort to explain why Obama is the wrong choice in the election.  Mitt Romney hardly makes any effort to explain why he would be a better president, except constantly say that he is not Obama.

So it seems safe to say there’s one thing they both agree upon: the key topic for the election is Obama.