Twitter turns to the race between Romney and Obama. Or does it?

With Romney’s wins in the three primaries this week, he has moved from being the favored  candidate to the presumptive winner.  And, recognizing that, Mitt’s turned his attention to Obama.  Santorum who? Newt what?

So has Twitter made the big turn with him? Or is Twitter even paying attention to him yet?  I set out to see how Obama and Romney are doing in the Twitterverse.  I reviewed nearly 200,000 recent tweets — all of which occurred after the primaries and the anointing of Mitt.

Let’s start with the most interesting — how’s Romney’s presence on Twitter compare to the President’s?

Tweets mentioning Romney vs. Obama

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Romney’s way behind the President in Twitter mentions by over 3 to 1!  Even if half of the Obama mentions are just conservatives complaining about the President, it still means that Obama is the focus of the race, not Romney.  That can’t be good.

How does Romney do against his primary competition? After all, since he’s been anointed the winner, mentions of Santorum and Gingrich must be non-existent, right?

Romeny vs. the other GOP candidates

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This one is looking much better for Mitt: his GOP competitors are not being mentioned in the same tweets as he is much any more.

So if attention is moving away from the other GOP contenders, it must be switching to discussion of possible VP picks.  Who’s twitter most excited about?

Possible VP picks for Romney, as mentioned by Twitter

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Looks like Romney and Ryan are all the talk these days! We’ll see how that changes over time as the Wisconsin primary — Paul Ryan’s home state — fades into history.

Let’s look at what hashtags has everyone excited in the Romney and Obama tweets:



Total Uses Hashtag total hashtag
2540 #Romney 9098 #tcot
1738 #tcot 7032 #Obama
926 #GOP 2551 #p2
846 #newbedon 2033 #teaparty
758 #p2 1858 #gop
616 #mitt2012 1590 #tlot
476 #teaparty 980 #obama2012
366 #Santorum 955 #OBAMArevivingSOPA
286 #news 921 #scotus
264 #tlot 916 #news
262 #WithNewt 850 #ocra
248 #Politics 769 #SGP
202 #ronpaul 686 #progress
193 #gop2012 614 #JOBSAct
182 #mittromney 541 #Politics
174 #Romney’s 532 #Obama’s
166 #OWS 531 #Obamacare
166 #Mitt 394 #USA
162 #edshow 381 #CNN
144 #250gas 380 #vettheprez
125 #pagop 355 #twisters
122 #waronwomen 346 #jobs
113 #PA 332 #OWS
112 #2012 328 #WorldBank
98 #maddow 327 #NOI
98 #tiot 280 #TPP
88 #Newt 278 #NOBAMA
82 #LenoMono 277 #withNewt
81 #pennsylvania 266 #trayvon
80 #FAIL 265 #newbedon

It’s interesting to see #tcot at the top of the Obama tags, since that’s Top Conservatives on Twitter. I have to assume that a lot of the tweets just on the topic of Obama are not favorable ones.  Or maybe they’re liberals sticking their tongues out at conservatives? That’s a question for another day.

One thing I’m always interested in is what software people are using to post their tweets.  Here’s the top 10 clients (and their % of usage) for people who tweeted about Romney and Obama:

Obama Romney
27% Web 21% Web
12% Tweet Button 7% TweetDeck
9% Twitterfeed 7% Twitterfeed
6% Twitter for iPhone 7% Tweet Button
5% Tweetdeck 4% Twitter for iPhone
3% Hootsuite 3% HootSuite
3% Twitter for Android 2%
2% 2% Twitter for Android
2% Twitter for Blackberry 1% Facebook
2% Echofon 1% Twitter for Blackberry

Not a lot of difference.  The 3% who are using Hootsuite have more than a casual interest in the topic since they’re using professional grade software.  The 5% to 7% who are using TweetDeck are “semi-pro” — you have to be at least a bit serious about Twitter to use it.  And I find it interesting that the iPhone gets used twice as often as Android … one thing both democrats and republicans agree upon, it seems, is that the iPhone is better than Android!

It’s interesting to see what words are most associated with Romney and Obama.  Here’s the top 30 (minus stop words):

Words about Romney Words about Obama
total word total word
31700 romney 120901 obama
12498 mitt 23053 president
4078 romney’s 13637 obama’s
3685 santorum 8717 barack
2576 will 7710 court
2274 pennsylvania 6845 act
1857 gop 6353 michelle
1855 new 6180 one
1819 women 6090 will
1666 poll 5986 years
1662 video 5881 jobs
1572 like 5670 marijuana
1465 just 5641 white
1430 republican 5343 house
1320 says 5287 supreme
1267 now 5284 signs
1224 paul 5270 use
1215 campaign 5149 get
1214 one 5014 known
1207 win 4880 cocaine
1166 can 4857 teen
1050 election 4672 like
1029 rick 4455 law
1019 president 4335 budget
1006 get 4268 now
984 see 4060 set
975 primary 3972 just
962 time 3942 women
956 take 3481 rules
954 vote 3199 today

It appears that Pennsylvania is still holding out hope for Santorum.

The strong showing of marijuana and cocaine in Obama’s list can be attributed almost single handedly to one tweet that got retweeted 4004 times:

‘RT @WhatTheFFacts: In his teen years, Obama has been known to use marijuana and cocaine.’

And countless other times in mild variations.  To be clear, this topic was raised before the last election as well, as “has been known” really means “was mentioned by him in his autobiography written in 1995.”  So the excitement the tweet has now is, well, about 17 years too late…

Net net … Romeny needs to excite his followers to talk about him, not Obama, because in November, “Not Obama” will not appear on the ballot!