Is there a Gender Pay Gap in the Florida’s Government?

Although I primarily focus on Social Media in this blog, I can’t resist looking at a good dataset that seems to have been overlooked by a lot of people.  One example of this is Florida’s state payroll, which Governor Rick Scott put online as a government accountability project.

I have analyzed the data to examine the question about whether there’s a “gender pay gap” in the State of Florida’s payroll.  The answer seems to be yes, but not blatant.  The analysis covers, in detail, why that is (and isn’t).

More interestingly, perhaps, is that the analysis is 100% open source and reproducible. You can download the report here, and also download the complete analysis logic from Github.  It’s yours for the taking, tweaking, or enhancing.

You can read the report here: GenderBias.pdf

And you can see the program that generates the report on Github.