What can we learn about the Cable News networks by their fans’ Twitter clients?

I looked at all tweets sent in September that mentioned a cable news show, and ranked the clients used to send them by network.  For each network, here are the top three clients…

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Network 1st 2nd 3rd
Al Jazeera Web (25%) iPhone (21%) Website (17%)
CNN iPhone (29%) Web (25%) Android (19%)
Fox News Web (30%) iPhone (27%) Android (17%)
HLN iPhone (32%) Android (24%) Web (23%)
MSNBC Web (32%) iPhone (24%) Android (15%)
All Networks Web (28%) iPhone (27%) Android (17%)


  • HLN’s mentioners were the most “mobile”.  There’s not a lot of them, but they’re on their sofas, phone in hand.
  • MSNBC’s were the least.  Either they’re all watching MSNBC on their computer, or they’re on their sofas, laptop in lap.
  • CNN was the most iPhone-ish.  HLN was the most Android-ish (but more iPhone than Android). Foxers were slightly more likely to use an iPhone than MSNBCers.
  • The web and iPhone are the most popular channels and about equal in usage.
  • iPhone beats Android by about 3 to 2 overall.
  • Windows Mobile sent about 1% of all tweets. Blackberries sent about 0.6%.  To be fair, if you’re using the Microsoft Surface, it probably looks like web.
  • Tweetdeck sent about 3% of all tweets, Hootsuite about 0.7%.  People are not using “advanced” Twitter clients a whole lot
  • The “Mobile Web” (that is, using the web from a mobile device) is tracked separately from “Web” (which, I presume, is non-mobile).  And mobile web was about 1% of all tweets.  People definitely are using native Twitter clients rather than logging into the web on their mobile devices.

Raw data for your own analysis:


  • The idea of what is and what isn’t a cable news related tweet is not well defined. I have over 150 filters defined to catch the tweets, and I think I do a good job, but whether you think I do is another issue.
  • I counted tweets, including retweets.  Should I have counted unique senders? Should I have excluded retweets?  Each of these is a reasonable suggestion and may well have changed the scoring.
  • I could have missed some tweets, although probably not enough to change anything.  So I think.