Can Charlie Crist Catch Up with Rick Scott on Twitter?

I’ve been critical of team Crist’s efforts on Twitter over the months, watching as they’ve squandered their chances to build and maintain a dialog with voters during the run-up to the primary. But in July, activity on social media picked up for Crist:

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Click to enlarge.  Ironic colors courtesy of Excel.

About mid-July the activity on Crist’s Twitter mentions started picking up, albeit raggedly. By the end of July, thanks to a slowdown in governor Scott’s mentions, Crist had pulled almost even with Scott.

To be clear, much of Crist’s relative gains are due to Scott’s slowdown; Scott could kick it back up and leave Crist behind.  But Crist has also been able to boost his mentions back into the 1000-1500 a day range, so there’s a chance for him to move up as well and to start to dominate the discussion on Twitter.

Will Crist do that? With Nan Rich continuing to be a distant second in both polls and social media, it’s clear that there’s no sense of urgency for Crist.  But this opportunity may not come around again …