Florida’s 18th: Still Just Turnquest vs. Murphy in March

In a previous post, I discussed how Charlie Crist is failing to compete on Twitter, allowing Rick Scott to dominate the conversation. It’s a classic case of a challenger not putting out the effort to take on an incumbent.

In Florida’s 18th congressional district, however, we have the opposite: the challenger is exerting the effort necessary to overcome the advantages of his opponent’s incumbency. Calvin Turnquest has virtually matched Rep. Patrick Murphy’s presence on Twitter throughout March:

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The total mentions for the month was Turnquest, 468, vs. Murphy, 547.  None of the other GOP challenges got above 10.

How did Turnquest do this? Turnquest sent out almost 200 tweets (including retweets) while Murphy sent out 60.

This is what hustle looks like, folks, in a person who wants to win and wants to win in social media as well.  As we get closer to the election we will, undoubtedly, see Turnquest’s numbers start rise well above Murphy’s.