The battle of #RepublicanMovies vs. #DemocratMovies

Nothing] brings together the diverse communities on Twitter like a good ol’ fashion brawl.  This weekend’s event was the battle of the #RepublicanMovies hashtag vs. the #DemocratMovies tag.

In case you missed this event, the idea was to come up with variations of movie names that humorously slight the other party.  So tweets with #RepublicanMovies are coming from democrats, and vice versa for #DemocratMovies.

Here are two samples:

The last one is, in fact, the very first #RepublicanMovies tweet that I have found and appears to have started the genre!

Since the meme started with the democrats, and the republicans quickly joined in, who “won” the battle of the movie tweets?  Here’s a recap of the action:

Click on image to Enlarge

Not a good weekend for the Republicans!  Better luck next meme …