Tweetdown: Sean Hannity vs. Rachel Maddow

Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow square off against each other at the 9pm slot on cable. Both are active on Twitter, with Sean having 293,137 followers and Rachel having 2,064,375 — about 7 times as many.  So who gets mentioned the most on Twitter?  Would you bet Rachel does?

I did a count of all tweets mentioning either one of them throughout the day of 3/19/2012 (eastern time), and here’s the results:

Sean Hannity definitely benefits from having both a radio show as well as a TV show.  According to Wikipedia, Rachel’s last Air America radio show was in January 2010, and so she only has the TV show to drive Twitter participation.

Still, given the large follower advantage that Rachel has, it’s surprising that Sean’s followers still generate nearly twice the activity!