Business Insider gets it Wrong About Mitt’s Birthday Wishes on Twitter

Mid-day today, the Business Insider ran a story suggesting that only 68 people wished Mitt happy birthday on Twitter.  If true, that would have been a really striking lack of attention being paid to Mitt by the Twitterverse.

Unfortunately for BI, that number is off.  A lot.  Here’s a chart plotting the tweets that mention Mitt’s birthday by the hour on the 12th:

When the Business Insider article was posted, the birthday tweets were coming in at a rate of 200 an hour.

One interesting thing is that Mitt’s fans seem to be a procrastinating bunch — the tweets peaked dramatically in the last hour of the day!  The total at the end of the day was 3573 birthday tweets, or about 10% of all tweets that mentioned Mitt yesterday.

Oh, happy belated birthday Mitt — it’s still your birthday in California!

2 thoughts on “Business Insider gets it Wrong About Mitt’s Birthday Wishes on Twitter

  1. That’s true. But if you look at a lot of the postings around the net, people are putting the number at 100 or less. Even if the half of the ~3500 birthday posts are not celebratory, it’s still a whole lot more than what people are saying!

  2. I checked and it looks like most of those tweets are mocking Romney for no one showing up to his twitter birthday.

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